Course Outline

The traineeship contains a balance of structure on the one hand and flexibility on the other.

Below is the big picture of the METRO course curriculum that will be achieved over the two years of life on life training as trainee and trainer. A more detailed version of the METRO curriculum can be found here.

Being Like Jesus
  • Prayer and Godliness
Thinking Like Jesus
  • Bible Study
  • Thinking Theologically
  • Relationships in Ministry
Serving Like Jesus
  • Evangelism and World Mission
  • Teaching the Bible
  • Training Others in Ministry
  • Leadership

The METRO Yearly Planner provides a helpful guideline to see, at a glance, when to cover the course material over the two years as well as planning for quiet and busy times. The METRO Book List lays out all the ministry training books that the trainee will be required to obtain to read over the two year traineeship.

The METRO term planner enables the trainer and trainee to together develop their ‘tailored’ METRO program, thus owning their learning across the three strands.