METRO Safe Church Requirements

As with all organisations that work with children, we are mandated to adhere to the child safe standards brought into effect January, 2017. We are eager to do this, knowing that Jesus himself recognised the vulnerability of children, and their value before God.  As METRO is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, we report to and receive guidance from their Safe Church Unit (contactable by email or phone: 0499 090 449)

It is expected that all applicants to METRO (trainers and trainees) will be familiar with the Safe Church Unit and its policies and procedures as well as the METRO Child Safety Manual.

All applicants

METRO cannot approve your traineeship application without the following:

  1. Must hold a current Working With Children’s Check (WWCC)
  2. If not already approved, complete the Volunteer Approval Process (VAP)
  3. Read and be familiar with the PCV Safe Church Policy, Procedure and Practice Manual and METRO Child Safety Manual.

Safe Church Basic Training

It is required that all trainees and trainers complete Safe Church Basic Training within one year of their VAP approval. For those who have not already completed this training, it is strongly recommended they complete this training at their earliest opportunity.

Trainees and trainers who have not yet completed their Safe Church Basic Training will have the opportunity to complete it in the morning of Orientation.

Due to their leadership position within the church, under 18 year old trainees will also be required to complete Safe Church Basic Training with parental permission.

Applicants under 18 years

There are a number of pertinent areas of safe church which will have an impact on younger trainees which they, their trainees and their churches need to be aware of.

  • If under 18 years of age, a trainee must not be left alone in the company of an adult (including their trainer) unless in a public place.
  • Communication with the trainee should be CC’d through their parents or guardians.
  • Trainees 17 years and younger must not be left as the sole minder of children, as by definition, they themselves are “children”.

Why do METRO require under 18 year olds to complete a VAP?

The Volunteer Application Form is the official screening process that everyone 18 years and over who volunteers/works with children within the Presbyterian Church of Victoria must complete and have approved before they can begin their role.

Because of the leadership position trainees hold, the METRO Committee is requiring the VAP approval is extended to trainees under the age of 18 years as well. This application involves character references and proof of identification. 

Why do METRO require under 18 year olds to hold a WWCC?

A current and valid Working with Children Check is required to complete the VAP, which is mandatory for all trainees. As an organisation, METRO is able to require under 18 year old trainees to apply for a WWCC in line with our Safe Church requirements.

The WWCC comes at no cost, as YouthMETRO trainees can apply for the free Volunteer card.

Any Questions

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this further, please refer to the Safe Church website or contact METRO via this form. This applies to applicants, trainees, trainers or parent/guardians.

For any safe church related concerns about a trainee or trainer, contact PCV Safe Church Facilitator Fiona Bligh on 0499 090 449.