METRO Application Online

2022 marks the second year that METRO Apprenticeships in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria will be done through partnership with the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS).  

The value of life-on-life training between a trainer and apprentice will be the same under MTS as with METRO.  As well as that, the importance of hands-on training, feedback and modelling will also be the same.  Apprenticeships will still be conducted on a two year full-time basis. 

MTS bring a great deal of experience and also administrative advantages in helping churches and individuals undertaking ministry apprenticeships.  One of the benefits in doing our apprenticeships through MTS means that there is the potential in getting tax deductibility for those financially supporting apprentices.  MTS apprenticeships also provide a number of different ministry pathways that can be understood here.

Compared to previous years, there will be differences in the funding.  There are variations in how different apprenticeships are funded and these differences can be seen here.

The METRO Committee will commit $5000 per year to each approved apprentice in help churches and individuals seeking to make disciples for Jesus.  

Just follow the links below to get started:

  1. Available Apprenticeship Notice form
  2. METRO Church Session Approval 2022-23
  3. Apprentice application form 
  4. Trainer application form 
  5. Safe Church Requirements

The ‘Available Apprenticeship Notice’ form must be completed by the trainer/Church before the other applications are completed.

Please make sure that these forms are to be completed only with the knowledge and approval of your Church’s Session. 

Note- it is the potential trainer’s responsibility to ensure that each of these forms are completed by the 17th September.

If your church is interested in seeking someone who might be suitable in undertaking a ministry apprenticeship at your church, you can follow this link to provide your needs to MTS.

Available apprenticeship application form