Profile of a Trainer

METRO trainers are people of godly character who have been identified as having experience and skills in church-based Gospel ministry. They should be passionate about sharing their wisdom and experience in training the next generation of Gospel workers. They need to be able to invest approximately one day each week in coaching their trainee in the areas of being, thinking and serving like Jesus. METRO trainers are to be gospel centred in their ministry and committed to training their trainees in a manner consistent with the PCV’s Reformed heritage.

Without trainers, there would be no traineeship.

The trainers will challenge, encourage, grow and support trainees in each part of their traineeship. For more information about about trainer requirements see the METRO trainers pledge.

Trainee-Trainer-Coach Relationships

In keeping with the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, the program is designed such that the trainee is always simultaneously a trainee and a trainer. In the overall shape of the program, the ‘trainee’ role is to the fore in year one, but the ‘trainee as trainer’ role comes more to the fore in year two.

The trainee and trainer meet regularly to spend time developing in each of the three strands: Being, Thinking and Serving like Jesus.

While it is true that trainees and trainers meet regularly, the heart of a METRO  traineeship is the sharing of life.

This ongoing relationship between trainee and trainer sees Gospel ministry modelled and continually discussed. This is called life-on-life training.

The trainer also is simultaneously a trainer and a trainee – needing to be supported in their training role and to learn through the experience – through ‘coaching’ support.

For more information on the trainee-trainer-coach relationships, see the METRO, YouthMETRO or EquipMETRO manuals.