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Hey, I’m Nicki, and I’ve recently completed my YouthMETRO traineeship with Cheltenham Presbyterian.

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YouthMETRO is a wonderful training program that covers that basics of Christian ministry, and, really, what every Christian should know and be able to do.

Beginning with very helpful foundational theology and various ministry skills, it spans one year, during which we spend several hours each week involved in some form of (ideally youth-) leading ministry at our local church with the help of a mentor, get better at regular personal devotions and prayer, and read a book overviewing God’s purpose throughout the Bible, with the option of doing further study. As part of this, I also was able to lead on Winter Camp as a fully accredited leader!

At the church I attend in Cheltenham, we have very few youth in regular attendance at church, and no youth group, despite attempts in the past. The key, it seemed, was to get them personally interested in God, instead of merely coming along for the family’s sake. So I prayerfully went about inviting them to a Bible study especially for youth. And to my utter surprise, most of them sounded interested! O me of little faith.

As a result, we have ended up having fortnightly studies which were very encouraging despite the fluctuating attendance, which has really been a blessing in disguise. Three to six people came along, girls and guys, from year 7-11, and there were some very good questions asked and I saw in them agrowing thirst for the Truth.

If I was not doing youthMETRO, there’s no doubt in my mind that this Bible study would not have eventuated. I would have simply dismissed it as too difficult, and very little about it so far could really be called difficult.

I suppose that’s the beauty of YouthMETRO. Not that it’s easy, as such- it was incredibly challenging and caused me again to really affirm what I believed, considering the regular and definitive nature of leading a Bible study. But, it was also tremendously encouraging and exciting to begin to fully understand and actively, steadfastly fulfill my purpose. God’s purpose.

And all this alongside others also training and seeking to serve our Saviour! We had a lot of fun, building each other up in the faith and rejoicing together. Support was most certainly not lacking in any way.

So why don’t you do it too? – discover the wonder of our God in a whole new way, and in the process, faithfully reveal it to others who are truly, desperately, thirsting for the Truth.

Be God’s instrument in helping them to realise that before it’s too late.

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