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Sarah Adlawan

My name is Sarah Adlawan and I have completed by YouthMETRO traineeship at South Yarra Presbyterian Church.


Overall, I found the year to be one of great growth and encouragement. I am very thankful for how God has persistently worked through me in the way I serve and most importantly in my personal relationship with God.

One of the activities I served in for the year was Youth Group as a youth group leader. We studied the gospel of Mark. It was encouraging to see youth grow in their understanding of the Word in the questions they asked and the discussions we had. I am continually grateful to see how God works to grow the hearts of his people amidst our youth.

Another thing I have found encouraging in my traineeship is reading through the Bible weekly with Emily, my mentor. I have highly appreciated the commitment and accountability aspect of discipleship and have undoubtedly been so thankful for the opportunity. We read the bible, read books, go through ministry papers and pray for each other. This is a very precious and God-given opportunity that I would like to continue to do in the future with others.

During my traineeship we read through God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts and Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. I found these books to be convicting, challenging and rewarding. It has been great reading them with my trainer and also praying about how we should live in light of what we have read.

I am thankful for how my heart has grown to see the beauty in one-to-one discipleship and the amount of growth that happens in these friendships. I hope to be able to cultivate such friendships in the future, particularly in uni ministry and at youth group.

Ethan Otten

My name is Ethan and I decided to do YouthMETRO because I wanted training in my faith and YouthMETRO is where God led me to do that.

A lot has happened during my traineeship. At the start of the year we did evangelism and theology training at summer camp which was a lot of fun because our group got along well. We would work together on passages or walk-up evangelism and we could encourage each other on how we went. There was a real togetherness with the group and we had a lot of fun.

After summer camp I started meeting one-on-one with my trainer, which if I’m being honest has been the best thing about doing YouthMETRO.

My trainer helped me prepare talks. I did Jonah at our kid’s club and the Good Samaritan at our youth group. He also helped me with my testimony and bible studies at youth group. He also gave me some good books which have strengthened me in my faith.

One big thing about meeting up with my trainer, though, was just reading and studying the bible together. I learned so much just by studying God’s Word. In continued study my understanding of the Gospel has been strengthened. For all of us today, it is good to remember the importance of God’s Word when we are studying it.

YouthMETRO has just been one instrument in my growth for the Lord. I don’t know exactly where God wants me next but doing YouthMETRO has given me a deeper desire to know and serve Him. I know however, I can trust in His control and be willing to serve Him wherever He has me because what He has done for me is enough.

Laura Dykstra

YouthMETRO has an excellent structure which works to challenge trainees in three main areas: Thinking like Jesus (head) which involved theological reflection, Being like Jesus (heart) which related to our personal relationship with God, and Serving like Jesus (hands) which included developing and exercising ministry skills.

While I enjoyed, and learned a lot through many of the discussions we had across Summer camp and Engage, I especially appreciated the evangelism training at Summer Camp.  I found the structure incredibly helpful, and anticipate being able to utilise aspects of it throughout Uni next year, as well as continuing with elements of it to explain gospel concepts to youth through PYV and my local youth group.

Learning how to pastorally care for and come alongside others, particularly those in my youth group, has been the area of YouthMETRO that I’ve found the most challenging, and the most valuable in developing my ministry skills.  I’ve primarily worked on this area with my trainer through studying the book ‘Side by Side’, where I’ve been challenged to go outside my comfort zone and be there for other people.

As part of YouthMETRO, I’ve written a number of Bible studies, as well as shared my testimony, and led a devotion, many of these things which I didn’t feel confident doing, but was supported and encouraged in, which has allowed me to grow in my personal faith, as well as my skills in being able to serve others.

YouthMETRO has benefited me in many ways in growing and strengthening me, particularly in the areas of serving and being like Jesus.  I would definitely encourage others to do YouthMETRO, as the structure of it allows it to be tailored to meet each individual’s needs.

Jemimah Jones

If you’re thinking about doing YouthMETRO, you should do it. It is a great way to serve in your church and you will learn a lot and be reminded to always to trust in God.

I’m Jemimah and I am studying Commerce and Arts and I completed my YouthMETRO traineeship at Surrey Hills Presbyterian. My traineeship involved a lot of learning, thinking and it was a great opportunity to serve. I really enjoyed the foundational theological training we received at Summer Camp, it really helped me reason and articulate things I knew from the Bible but couldn’t always explain. The evangelism training was comprehensive and having a go sharing it with others was a bit daunting but definitely worth sharing.

Meeting up with my trainer each week was a great way to escape the business of life and check how we were doing. But it was great to look at passages I was struggling with or have my trainer to help me prepare a Bible study or give me some Godly wisdom. We also read through God’s Big Picture, which is a book that outlines God’s clear storyline of the Bible.

Serving at youth group was also a highlight. It was strange being back as a leader instead of a youth but it was nice to serve how others had previously served me. It has been encouraging to co-lead the year 10 girls and see their understanding and relationship with God grow. Learning to lead and facilitate a Bible study required persistence and trusting in God but is a valuable skill to help others look at the truth of the Bible and think about how it impacts their lives.

This traineeship has taught me a lot about God, his word and how I should live in light of these things.

The traineeship has humbled me and reminded me that when I serve I need to rely on God and serve out of gratitude. It has also been encouraging to see how God has been using me and others even when things don’t go to our plan to remind us that he is in control and is behind everything.

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