METRO Traineeship

2024 Traineeship Applications are now closed.

2025 Applications will open July 2024.

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And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others. — 2 Timothy 2:2

A METRO traineeship is a two-year, partly funded, full-time, church based traineeship designed to give men and women a taste of local church ministry (in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria) and theological study. METRO traineeships help people determine if God might be equipping and calling them to serve Him in full time gospel ministry in the future.

The trainee is discipled by a trainer experienced in gospel ministry. Depending on the trainee, their training may have a particular focus in the areas of pastoral, university, children’s, youth or women’s ministry.

While the particular ministry focus may vary, all METRO trainees are encouraged to examine and reflect on Jesus’ approach to ministry as they develop in three strands of training:

Being Like Jesus — Developing of personal godliness through the strengthening of faith by the encouragement of daily Bible reading and prayer. There is also specific attention given to personal evangelism and family life.

Thinking Like Jesus — Promoting biblical thinking through reading the Bible, helpful books and scholarly articles. Trainees will be set essential reading that  prepares them for college, stimulates their thinking in relation to life & ministry, and equips them to teach others.

Serving Like Jesus — Introducing and developing thinking and skills in certain core areas of Gospel ministry, as well as some elective areas. Fundamental to the progress made, will be the transition of the trainee into a trainer role as they pass on what they have learnt to another person – learning through teaching others.


METRO is a two year full-time traineeship. To get the most out of  your two year program, however, it is necessary to prepare in a number of ways, especially with regard to the key relationships involved. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you do a prep year.

Is your church seeking a METRO Trainee?

If your church is interested in seeking someone who might be suitable in undertaking a ministry apprenticeship at your church, you can follow this link to provide your needs to MTS.

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