METRO Prep Year

Would you like an opportunity to “test drive” METRO… to see how it fits with your situation without leaving your work/study?

You can get a taste of METRO by meeting with a trainer, commit to a ministry and begin to be equipped for ministry at a deeper level. This is called a Prep Year and it will allow you to taste something of METRO to help determine whether you should take that next step.

This opportunity is for anyone who is exploring ministry options and wants to be better equip to serve in part time or full time ministry capacity.

Meeting One-to-One

To do a prep year the trainee needs a trusted trainer or mentor. The trainee should start meeting one-to-one on a regular basis with their trainer to read the Bible and pray together. There is no better way to grow a training relationship. This meeting one to one forms the basic shape of any METRO training experience.

Within METRO there are three important strands:

During the Prep year some thought should be given to spending time on each strand.

Reading also forms an important part of your training in METRO. As such, we recommend that in a METRO prep year the trainee and trainer work through the two introductory Ministry Papers:

We also recommend that the trainee read a book each term with their trainer. For more information about suggested reading or about doing a Prep Year download the fact sheet.


How & Why Did You Get Involved?