The purpose of METRO is to glorify the one true God who has revealed Himself in His Son Jesus Christ by training others to make Him known, who then train others to do the same.

The METRO Committee is under the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV), and oversees traineeships within the PCV.


Are you interested in becoming a trainee, but don’t know where to start? Here is a quick overview of the three types of traineeships to choose from:


Two-year, partly funded, full-time, church based traineeship designed to give men and women a taste of local church ministry (in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria) and theological study. 

Applications will reopen July 2024


A YouthMETRO traineeship is a one-year, part time, church based traineeship, focussed on preparing and growing youth leaders in local churches.

This traineeship is aimed at those aged 16 years to young adults.

Apply here now!


The EquipMETRO traineeship is a one-year, part-time church based traineeship for individuals of any age group. This traineeship will be tailored to the specific areas of interest to the trainee (eg. women, children).

Adults of any age are encouraged to apply.

Applications will reopen August 2024