2019 Applications Open!

METRO, YouthMETRO & EquipMETRO applications for 2019 are now open.

The basis of METRO is a commitment to obey Jesus’ command to “make disciples”. This represents a unique opportunity for your church to be engaged in the task of training men and women in ministry for Christ in such a way that they “think like Jesus, serve like Jesus, and become like Jesus”.

To apply for a traineeship please:

  1. Complete the online application forms for METRO YouthMETRO or EquipMETRO
  2. Download either the METRO , YouthMETRO or EquipMETRO  application forms. Microsoft Word versions of the application forms can be obtained by emailing metro@pcv.org.au
  3. The application forms are to be completed by:
    1. The potential Trainee
    2. The potential Trainer/s
    3. The Senior Pastor or Session Clerk

Note: It is the potential trainer’s responsibility to ensure that each part of the application is completed and returned to the METRO Committee by the 31st August (METRO) or the 15th October (YouthMETRO & EquipMETRO).

  • The Application Timeline and Checklist will assist you in the application process.
  • Following the submission of your application, the METRO Committee will then contact you to arrange an interview.
  • A decision regarding your application will be made and you will be contacted within a few weeks of your interview.