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About Metro Funding

The METRO Committee has undertaken to assist churches in their investment in training their young people for Gospel ministry through YouthMETRO.
METRO asks that churches contribute a nominal amount of $100 towards the training of each YouthMETRO trainee serving in their church.
Funds will be used to provide training materials, in addition to trainees’ attendance at PYV’s Summer Camp, Engage Youth Leader’s Conference and MTS Challenge.


METRO requires an extract from a Session meeting confirming the funding and approval of a YouthMETRO trainee and appointment of their trainer.
Please attach this extract to this application.


The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I also agree to have completed the following with the submission of this application:

  • I am aware of and the church will comply with the requirements for a YouthMETRO trainee.
  • I am aware of and will ensure that our church complies with the PCV’s “Safe Church” policy and “Working with Children Check” requirements as the YouthMETRO trainee works with children and minors.

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